Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guess Who My New Best Friend Is?

Yes!! Its Brooke White, from American Idol! She came home from being on tour (Shes from mesa) and put on a welcome home concert. When my family heard that she was at Milano's signing autographs, they wanted to surprise me with a picture of her with an autograph, wishing me a happy birthday. For my birthday, my dads friend was able to get us VIP passes backstage to meet Brooke White. At the concert, the Mayor dedicated september 27th 2008 as Brooke White Day. This was definately the best birthday present I could ever ask for! Thanks to my family!


debrajo said...

Hey! Happy birthday & congrats on knowing someone famous! Aren't you glad Mitch is the coolest for hearing about it on the radio? You're so beautfiul, Jodi!

lindsay levi said...

THAT IS WAY AWESOME JODI!!! I'm so jealous! What a neat birthday present. Lucky!!!

Eric and Addie said...

happy birthday and your so dang lucky!